We are pleased to introduce our new product called TROIAREUKE SEOUL Aesthetic Cushion.

In 2017, MK UNIVERSAL Inc. plans to launch a number of new products.

Recently, we launched a new skincare line and the first new product in 2017.

TROIAREUKE SEOUL is the new premium line in addition to TROIAREUKE and ACSEN.

TROIAREUKE SEOUL Aesthetic Cushion is the premium cushion mainly developed for anti-aging.

(6 types of peptides contained)

트로이아르케 서울 쿠션

Peptide is a binding ingredient that constitutes protein. It is considered as a gift of the skincare industry that gives a dramatic effect to skin cell regeneration, wrinkle improvement, skin protection and anti-aging.

Out of 6 peptides contained inside TROIAREUKE SEOUL Aesthetic Cushion, 

5 peptides fill up to the inside of the skin like a filler / 1 peptide tightly uplifts facial lines.

H+ and A+ CushionTROIPEEL H+ Cushion and TROIAREUKE ACSEN A+ Cushion have been largely loved both in the domestic and foreign market as the best sellers. As expected, this new premium addition has successfully grabbed the attention in the global market.

14 Beauty YouTubers will be voluntarily uploading reviews this Month in collaboration with us.

The first review was done by Beauty and Make-up YouTuber, Edward Avila.

He mentioned ‘It is the best cushion ever’. You can check it out on the link below.



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