Hi Seoul Brand Best Award

MK Universal wins Hi- Seoul Award

 MK Universal has been selected by Seoul city as The Excellent Company Brand of Seoul for Hi-Seoul 2018. 

This award represents the trust of partners and high-quality product of the brand. 

We will continuously do our utmost effort to provide successful aesthetic business and state of the art products to our partners and customers.


Only 4 times a year, Troiareuke provides Official Special Promotions in February, May, August, and November. 
 Next month, you and your customers can enjoy ACSEN Recovery BOGO Event for full February.

Why we select ACSEN Recovery?
ACSEN stands for Acne and Sensitive. It is designed to improve acne and sensitive skin types.
Centella Asiatica of ACSEN Recovery has huge repair power.
 Your customers can get experience the following amazing works. 
1)Restore the skin cell from acne scars. 
2)Improve redness which causes from damaged skin barrier.   
3)Skin -soothing and calms the skin. 


ACSEN Recovery 
Size 25ml / 0.8oz-
Retail Price $58 -> for facial spot 
Size 80ml / 2.7oz –
Retail Price $130 -> for full face

Partner in Vietnam, Lengrin Story  

Happy New Year 
Hope this New Year brings lots of great things for the business and both of us. 
Here’s to our great success in 2019