MK Universal News UPDATE          Monday 23 January 2017 by Nathan

TROIAREUKE Healing Cocktail (Skin Complex Formula + Ampoule) has been selected for

‘2016 Best Seller Cosmetics’ by COS’IN.

COS’IN (Cosmetic Insight) is one of the most influential cosmetic magazines in Korea.

TROIAREUKE Healing Cocktail represents 1:1 prescription system for boosting effects.  TROIAREUKE Healing Cocktail is TROIAREUKE Skin Complex Formula mixed up with any of TROIAREUKE 4 formula ampoules. When these two products are mixed together, they maximize the active ingredients for skin penetration. This is called ‘boosting effect’.  For its powerful moisturizing effect, it is also used as the facial mist.

Powerful anti-oxidant from French pine tree bark called ‘Pycnogenol’ helps skin with external oxidative stress and reduces the free radical.

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