MK Universal News UPDATE       Friday  29 September 2017 by Grace

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The ‘2017 Osong Cosmetics & Beauty Expo’ was held at KTX Osong Station in Cheongju from September 12th to 16th.

TROIAREUKE is 1:1 Professional prescription skin care brand leading K-Beauty and has been loved in many countries around the world.

TROIAREUKE exports products to Hong Kong which is the center of beauty, and carrying out brand spas and academies. In addition, TROIAREUKE is exporting to 13 countries.

At the ‘2017 Osong Cosmetics & Beauty Expo’, TROIAREUKE operated two booths (B24) and had more than 100 overseas buyers.

TROIAREUKE participated in ‘2017 Osong Cosmetics & Beauty Expo’ to inform the overseas buyers of 1:1 Professional prescription skin care brand.

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