MK Universal News UPDATE          Friday 26 May 2017 by Nathan

Troiareuke International Sales Division hosted the 3rd official fan meeting at Dongdaemun Store.

This special occasion is called TROIAREUKE SKIN SHOW with JOAN and EDWARD.

Our team in cooperation with Mrs. Choi, No.1 Skin Professional who kindly offered us her store for the venue organized the event and invited the YouTube subscribers.

The weather was good, the food was delicious, the event was cool, and the subscribers were happier than ever.

We would love to appreciate the active participation of everyone who came to the event. 

TROIAREUKE International Sales Division always enjoys working with Joan Kim and Edward Avila.

In the 3rd TROIAREUKE SKIN SHOW, Mrs. Choi demonstrated on Summer Skincare Tips with the special volunteer from Singapore and our lovely YouTubers communicated with their fans through Q&A while Edward was showing his daily make-up.

We were so pleased that we were having a lot of people coming to join this special event.

Please, don’t forget to visit Joan Kim’s Youtube channel and Troiareuke Facebook page for more videos on this special event.

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