MK Universal News UPDATE          Wednesday 28 December 2016 by Nathan

TROIAREUKE H+ Cushion (also known as Healing Cushion) has been selected for ‘2016 Hi Seoul Good Brand Awards’.

‘Hi Seoul’ is a co-branding corporation of small and medium sized businesses authorized in representatives of the excellence of the products from metropolis of Seoul.

TROIPEEL H+ Cushion is the first aesthetic cushion of MK Universal Inc. which has been loved by majority of foreign consumers.

It is 99% skincare, yet 1% make-up cushion that it has 3 skincare effects with no damage on skin.

Moisturizing, anti-aging and brightening effects ensure the ultimate protection of cushion users, also provided with UV protection (SFP50+ / PA+++).

Hi Seoul Brand is approved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to the business that delivers superior product and customer satisfaction with an aim to be a leading player in the global markets.

Products with Hi Seoul brand are always reliable. Only the export-oriented businesses which are equipped with innovative products, global competitiveness, and technological excellence can be designated as the Hi Seoul Brand.

Products of the Hi Seoul brand are guaranteed by Seoul, a clean and attractive world-class city, to become the world class top brand. 

(Hi Seoul Brand Certificate – MK UNIVERSAL Inc. / H+ Cushion)

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