2015 saw a great boom in cosmetics and beauty products exportation. In the middle of this success, the cosmetics industry leading company – MK Universal Inc. has received great recognition for achieving “100 Million USD Top Export Award” at the 52th event hosted by Trade Association. MK Universal is a domestic aesthetic cosmetics company which uses a smart skincare system called Areukesien along with their prescription skincare line TROIAREUKE to prescribe 1:1 skincare cosmetics for our daily changing skin. The brand is widely known internationally. It has also been popular among professional aestheticians for its perfect effects and smart skincare system.


MK Universal’s achievement for Top Export is a result of their exportation from April 2014 to June 2015. They started exporting from April 2014 and reached 100 Million USD revenue in June 2015. Moreover, from January to October 2015, the company proudly announce their enormous exportation revenue as 250 Million USD.

MK Universal is now not only exporting to Hong Kong and Malaysia but also expanding their business other South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. In addition, on Trade Memorial Day, MK has received 3 Gold Medals commendation from Head department of Trade Industry and Korea Institute of Trade


The company’s representative stated: “Our philosophy is to always think only about the skin and use only advanced technologies with a goal of introducing Korean aesthetic culture to the world.” And “We will become a company that always be modest and honest to the skin.”

The company’s various events exclusive for customers’ skin are getting a lot of attention and admire. MK Universal Online Shopping Mall can be found at http://troiareuke.co.kr for more information from purchasing method to feedback reviews.

Original News: http://gvalley.heraldcorp.com/detail.php?number=17501



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